LumiTea Introduces Unique New Rise and Revive Tea Blends 

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MIAMI LumiTea, the online retailer specializing in unique tea blends for health and wellness, announced today that it is introducing a number of new blends including “Rise,” the metabolism-boosting tea and “Revive,” the anti-aging tea. LumiTea’s healthful products feature all-natural ingredients and life benefits for body, mind and spirit.

“Tea can help you shine,” said the Founder of LumiTea. “Our site features our best findings from world-wide travels. We have found superfoods for you. As the name suggest, our new teas help you rise and revive yourself. We offer tea for life.”

According to the company, LumiTea’s blends help with the processes of energy, anti-aging, immune support and stress relief. LumiTea’s goal is to give customers perfect, natural blends to help them on the road to a more enriching and satisfying lifestyle.

“Rise” tea is full of metabolism boosters, such as Ginger, Organic Ginseng, Organic Green Tea and Lemon Grass, and is sweetened naturally with zero calorie Stevia. Rise is an all-natural blend giving the body, mind and spirit a special start to the day. According to the tea experts at LumiTea, “This blend of soft sunshine-in-a-cup packs an antioxidant-immuno-punch into your morning.”

“Revive” anti-aging tea is a rejuvenating combination of an all-natural formula with a potent green tea blend. Full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, this blend presents itself as a path to healing of many ailments – improving skin, immunity, inflammation, digestion, eyesight, cardiovascular system, glycemic control, and more. “Revive” is formulated with Organic Green Tea, Organic Red Chinese Date, Organic Ganoderma, Java Tea, Peppermint Leaf, Organic Goji Berry and Organic Roselle. The antioxidants in “Revive” help the body to look and feel younger and more healthy.

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LumiTea Introduces New Tea Blends and 30 Day Detox Plan

Posted: Nov 30, 2015 5:21 PM JSTUpdated: Dec 01, 2015 4:52 AM JST

This article was originally distributed via SproutNews. SproutNews, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.

MIAMI – LumiTea, the online retailer that specializes in unique tea blends for health and wellness, announced today that it is introducing a number of new blends as well as a 30 Day Detox Plan. The company’s teas feature all-natural ingredients. New products introduced include “Skinny Tea” and “Calm Sleepy Time Tea.”

“We launched LumiTea with the dream of using the power of tea to help people shine,” said Emil Levy, Founder of LumiTea. “We are a dedicated team of tea gurus. We’re presenting the results of our world travels where we discovering and bringing together some of the most powerful superfoods and herbs on the planet.”

According to the company, LumiTea’s blends help with the processes of weight loss, stress relief and boosting energy. LumiTea’s goal is to give customers perfect natural blends to help them on the road to a more enriching lifestyle. The Calm Sleepy Time Tea, for example, is an organic blend that helps people become calm and fall asleep more easily. The blend’s mix of chamomile, lavender, orange peel, and valerian root also continue to help a person while he or she sleeps. Valerian Root is known to be an effective Anxiolytic, or anti-anxiety compound. Its effect is to enable a person to enjoy better quality sleep and achieve a higher level of calm and serenity throughout the day.

The 30-day detox plan comes in the form of a 30-pack box of tea, one for each day of a detoxing cycle. Designed to go together with a healthy diet, the 30-day detox plan combines oolong tea, ginger root, hawthorn berries, Senna and lotus leaves. It is filled with powerful cleansers and antioxidants which facilitate weight loss, energy gain, and an immune system reset. Senna contains Sennosides, a natural, mild laxative. Hawthorn berries have been shown to improve circulation.

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Media Contact
Company Name: LumiTea LLC
Contact Person: Emil
Address:17890 NE 31 CT, Apt 3300
City: Aventura
State: FL
Country: United States

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Great Outdoor Equipment for Adventure Enthusiasts

It is with travel, adventure, and the outdoor activities are your limits tested, it takes you the edge and makes you realize things that you would otherwise ignore. Not only do you learn about new destinations, people, and cultures, with each journey and outdoor activity, do you learn something new and different about yourself.מזרון מתנפח זוגי intex

It is said that the only cure for those who have been bitten by the travel and adventure bug, is to explore and discover new aspects and nuances of the outdoors, every single time. Adventure and travel simply gives the wanderer a new and different way of viewing this magnificent world.

So whether it is a hiking trip you are heading out to, an expedition, a backpacking journey, a camping trip, a trek or even a bike ride everything is a new way to experience the ever-changing outdoors.

While different stories and tales of travel and the outdoors by inspiring you to pick your backpack up and head out and explore the unexplored – the capricious great outdoors and the wilderness can be overwhelming for the beginners and first timers. You simply are miles away from other amenities, roads, and other people.

However, it would not make sense to let the wilderness and unfamiliar landscape deter you from experiencing the magnificence and beauty of nature and the outdoors.

The first thing you need to familiarise yourself with is the essential outdoor equipment and gear needed. Great outdoors and travel gear can help you endure all the challenges of the whimsical outdoors.

Outdoor equipment that you will need will be different for each outdoor trip. On a mountaineering adventure you will be better able to meet the challenges of nature with sturdy hiking boots, thick jackets, water-proof gear, an ice axe, trekking Poles, goggles, heavy innerwear, excellent camping gear and comfortable sleeping bag.

Most day trips are much more comfortable with camera bags, backpacks and rucksacks. Good pair of sunglasses, caps, jerseys, water coolers and many such small additions make physical activity more pleasurable. If you are into water sports ensure that you equip yourself with rain cheaters, rain cover and buoyancy jackets, before venturing יאללהשופ ציוד מחנאותout.

A powerful torch and a compact canteen help on a tour into dense forest areas. A knife, multi-purpose key chain and head gear all are important accessories. Whether you are bouncing around in torrential rapids in a river or hanging from a cliff on a snow-clad mountain, being well-prepared is wise.

A lot of heart, dreams and spirit make an adventurous soul but a practical mind makes a true adventure enthusiast. Make it a habit to keep updated with the latest outdoor equipment available in the market. You will need to invest in this gear in order to experience its immense advantages. Each usage will make you more comfortable and turn you into a pro at packing up quickly and efficiently for the next trip.

People who understand the importance of good quality outdoor equipment are the ones that you see putting up fascinating pictures online in the most daunting physical surroundings, looking all cool and unruffled in the harshest environs. You too can be one of them. Just browse online and identify what you need for your next planned or unplanned adventure.


What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract

What Is Green Coffee Bean Extract

Have you been courageous to attempt green espresso bean extract? To abstain from losing their wholesome qualities, these beans are un-simmered, dissimilar to general espresso beans. They are red berries that contain green seeds.

To make this capable concentrate, the green seeds are absorbed water and afterward thought. Gwhat is green coffee extract bean is a solid compound that cooked beans don’t have: Chlorogenic Acid. Chlorogenic Acid works by bringing down glucose levels. Sugar swings to fat in the body, and the bean concentrate can assault sugar before it gets that far.

Here Are 5 motivations to Use Green Coffee Bean Extract:

Brings down Cravings

Longings show up all of a sudden and overpower us to the point of annihilation. In giving into irritating yearnings, we can without much of a stretch obliterate our objectives. Sugary and salty sustenances are the most noticeably bad thus hard to overlook. Green espresso bean concentrate brings down these desires promptly and permits you go longer between suppers. You will likewise appreciate littler bits as a consequence of these lessened yearnings. The lower calorie admission will fundamentally enhance your weight reduction objectives. Click here to find out ” where can i buy leptin” ?

Speeds Metabolism

Weight reduction is troublesome with a moderate digestion system. On the off chance that you encounter this, then you know that it is so hard to get in shape. Tragically, large portions of us have needed to manage a moderate digestion system our whole lives because of hereditary qualities. Presently there is an approach to change our digestion system and build our vitality levels.

Weight reduction Formula

One of the best advantages of green espresso bean concentrate is that it squares fat amassing and checks sugar retention. Our bodies do need sugars to capacity well, however the vast majority of our starches ought to originate from vegetables and natural products – not cakes, biscuits, bread and pasta. The concentrate will hinder the terrible starches you do consumption with the goal that they don’t swing to sugar and fat.

Manages Blood Sugar

Diabetes is on the ascent in the United States and that needs to do with the a lot of sugar found in the greater part of our sustenances. Glucose levels get most noteworthy in the wake of eating. In this way, in taking green espresso bean extract before eating, glucose levels would not go up so high, desires for sweet leaves would diminish, and there would be less calorie consumption.


Augment Your Business – Use Retail Store Signs

For a business owner, setting up an augmented reality free educational games for kids in retail stores can be an extremely exciting prospect. It might be that they have traded on local markets or maybe even have a small website, but this transition is one that could make them lots of money. Of course, when they go througimage_20151007_095715h all the processes relating to setting up their shop, this is not a clear-cut path to making lots of money so they need to pay close attention to detail.

To properly sell items to their customers, every store uses some type of Retail store signs. However, some stores do not realize the power of using signs with their retail displays. There are many benefits to using Retail store signs display. A sign is an excellent way to communicate a message to a customer. Done properly, it can help generate significantly more sales for your store.

Ensuring that consumers can navigate round it with ease is the most important part of owning a retail store. The easier it is for consumers to find products, the more likely they are likely to find what they want and make a purchase. To a point where consumers feel comfortable, that consumers actually purchase more than they do originally thought they would, it might be by organizing stores. This is where the importance of Retail store signs really comes in. Retail store signs can show a consumer exactly where certain products are likely to be located. They will not feel pressured and they are likely to find everything they need and more, by being able to locate these products quickly.

Many people will just simply leave a store if they feel like they cannot find products on their own believe it or not. The reality is a lot of stores have assistants that are on hand to help consumers locate the perfect products. By asking these assistants so will choose to go elsewhere rather than waiting around for help, the problem is that a lot of people feel pressured.

Another fact that it could save a business owner extra expenses and it is a great thing about Retail store signs that show consumers. Having assistants on the shop floor is certainly not free, so having signs that do their job is going to save a business owner employing more staff. Every bit of cash that can be saved is going to be useful to help make the business a success in the long run, in times of economic hardship like today.

When it comes to augmented reality free educational games for kids in retail stores signs, the final thing to take into account is the fact that they are not actually very expensive. The cost of Retail store signs that help to label a store and its products is likely to pay dividends in the long run. To suit any business, there are plenty of online retailers that will be able to make custom retail signs work in favor of your business.


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We have private label supplements services and as giant manufacturer of supplement contracts we have a wide variety of supplements. Mainly we deal with food and health supplements. There are nutritional supplements, detoxification supplements, sexual enhancement supplements for both genders, weight loss supplements, women’s parental and hormone supplements, functional beverages supplements etc. The main objective of our team is always to deliver exceptional and high quality private label supplements at the affordable prices to our clients. In the nutritional supplements manufacturing we have a hardworking and talented work force that that can create vitamin supplements and can also develop formulas for clients who don’t have one for their products. We aim at being more than just a vitamin supplement manufacturer so we also provide these formula development services, label and logo designing, packaging and shipping.

Besides our able task force, in our working environment we have quality and advanced equipments that facilitate the success of our services to customers. We also avail supplements with additions of flavor and colors in the following forms; soft gel, capsule, powder, tablet, sub lingual, chewable and liquid forms of supplements. Through our readily available and affordable supplements we will help you keep healthy body, control you body weight and maintain an overall well-being of your body. Our team in conjunction with scientists and technicians included in our task force always work aiming at providing the best to customers.

5 Fat Loss Ideas To Get The Hot Body Your Deserve to You!

5 Fat Loss Ideas To Get The Hot Body Your Deserve to You!

what is the best detox tea ?

Sick of being obese? Let us face it: Losing fat is not really a simple job! You must force yourself to stick to each and every day, whatever it’s which you’re doing.

Weight Reduction Tip #4

Drink water. Most Americans don’t consumption the water that is required to preserve proper body functions. Why would you believe United States is among the worst nations on the planet? Water is essential having a money V! It is suggested that you just drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water daily. What this means is that if you’re 150-pound adult girl, you need to be ingesting at least 75 oz of water everyday! Break into your typical 16 oz bottles, and you have got about 5 bottles daily. This is easily done just by removing all of the unneeded fluids which you’re putting into your system, like these caffeinated sodas, alcohol, and coffee. Water is a thing that many people just take for granted. I am aware I do not, but I also realize that if you weren’t increased understanding the value of water than it might be difficult for you to consider drinking half your bodyweight in ounces per day and how it directly impacts your general well-being. My advice to you’d be to to start modest and gradual. There’s no race. The human body will really thank you and believe me me, you’ll feel the difference!

Weight Reduction Tip #5

Losing weight is difficult, as I said previously, nevertheless, it is as hard or as simple as you make it. Iwill give another weight reduction trick as a type of freebie to you here before I go. Find an easy method of motive on your own. This really ties to the adoring weight reduction trick that is yourself that I simply talked about. Then whip outside these denims in the event you are aim will be to get in to that dimension 8 pair of denims you have been hiding in your closet for those who must, and give them in your wall. Whenever that I looked to the mirror, this image was staring straight back at me and I had been reminded of how I would appear: Fantastic! Be the man that is fantastic which you are! Lose all of the weight you would like and begin executing these fat reduction tips now!

Closing fat loss hint: Love simple, clear and your self! I understand that you might be thinking, “Alright, sure, whatever.” But do not over-estimate the strength of this one fat reduction trick that is simple. It is vital to a wholesome and joyful lifestyle living. In reality, a lifestyle trick, although that is not only a weight reduction trick. There is just one you and chances are you might find it difficult to love other individuals, as properly, should you not love your-self. Seriously though, loving your-self is among the initial steps you need to take in realizing fat loss that is actual. Everything else else will follow and drop into place, should you love your-self first. You are going to need to slim down and be healthy should you love your-self.

Weight Reduction Tip #1

Locate STICK TO IT and above all, an idea! In case you would like it to be it might be simple. You then will place yourself in the proper mindset to do this should you truly want to slim down. You must avoid focusing how difficult appear at your ultimate aim, which would be to lose some weight and it is likely to be. Keep your aim before the ending in your mind. Thus, whether there is a fat loss book you are studying, a fat reduction DVD you purchased or simply discovered a weight reduction program that is totally free online, only please assure me that you will stick to it before you achieve your aim. Do not give up is another great name for this fat reduction tip.

Weight Reduction Tip #2

Do not attempt if if you have been know to stop to do it alone. In the event you have had a tough time in the earlier sticking to diet or a fat loss program, quit attempting to do everything by your lonesome! Locate a relative, a buddy or join a team on the web. You can find actually countless places on the web that provide weight loss help that is free, simply have a look. Get everyone included. Tell them that you just are committed to slimming down and you can stop. That is amazing in the event that you can locate a work out buddy. You each is going to have the obligation of keeping each other responsible for whatever routine that you simply determined upon. We are carrying this out, let us go and so get your shoes on.

Weight Reduction Tip #3

That is just another critical key to your own fat loss success! If you are compelled to write everything which you consume and everything which you do concerning your weight reduction attempts, you’re all being held responsible for it. That is really wonderful as you are going to in truth possess a real record see and really to examine, with your own two eyes, just what’s happening. You’ll have the ability to pinpoint with precision possibly the the size hasn’t budged in three months or why you are not dropping that last pound. Thus, go splurge as well as get a little diary at Target or Wal-Mart.

Quicker Weight Loss with Rapid Fat Loss Hints

Quicker Weight Loss with Rapid Fat Loss Hints

Imagine understanding they are way too large and getting out of bed in the morning pulling in your jeans. That dream can be a world in the event that these fast fat loss tricks can be implemented by you into your life-style. Fast fat loss tricks like altering the kind of cereal you eat, the water-you consume, as well as the starches in your daily diet. All these are things which can be carried out on a regular basis to improve how you look forever.

Among the most easy fast fat loss tricks it is possible to do would be to begin drinking ice-cold water.

Another life style change that’s an incredible fast weight reduction trick would be to cut on butter out of your diet plan. You can lose one-pound actually a dozen times without performing other things, if you’re able to cut as much as 3 tbs of butter type your daily diet on a regular basis. Should you be empower to take pleasure from dry toast attempt using butter like an olive-oil replacement or spray.

Another fast fat loss trick which is an excellent solution to readily alter your diet would be to alter the kind of cereal you eat. The key is that fiber is digested by the body cannot. Not only do you want to burn off calories this fashion in which you’ll find yourself working correctly and helping your bodies digestive tract remain clean.skinny tea colon cleanse

A lot of people state they have trouble eating use this fast weight loss trick and so a cereal that’s not sweet. Yet there are some great-no sweeteners out to day that really taste the same as sugar. Scatter a bit and you are going to possess a wholesome and tasty breakfast that is sweet.

Lots of people carry about water with them-but it likely is not icecold after it h-AS invested in your bag. Adhere on some water-bottles in the freezer toss one in your bag and you’ll have access to icecold water during the day. Try this fast fat loss trick and find out whether it can not make a huge difference in the way you feel and look.

Bottom line when when utilizing fast weight reduction tricks is to ensure they become custom to integrate them into your life style. That is natural fat loss at its finest. The type of fast weight loss that does not include killer or limitations workout. Fast weight reduction tips may be part of your regular routine; today get started.